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DISCO PODCAST: episodes 210 - 219

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (219) - 11. November 2017
Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow episode 219 on Hola FM Radio Fuerteventura with Milk Inc., Mario Lopez, Blank & Jones, Lightforce, Sonique, Vintage Beat, Cappella, DJ Sammy, Lasgo and Groove Coverage.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (218) - 04. November 2017
Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow episode 218 on Hola FM Radio Fuerteventura with music from Antares, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, JX, Pasternoster feat. Linda Rocco, Stella Getz, Randy Bush, Mr. John, Verena, Fragma, Masterboy, DJ L.U.K.A. and Resource.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (217) - 28. October 2017
Halloween DISCO 2017! Music from the TN'T Party Zone, Eclipse feat. Angela Martin, Good Shape, Snazzy, Future Breeze, DJ Dado, Graphixx, Interactive, Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark, Moby, United Colours of Wodka, Scooter.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (216) - 21. October 2017
DISCO (216) with the brand new Single of MarcelDeVan feat. Anna Jones "Take my heart (into the sky). Furthermore E-Rotic, the Housecrusherzzz, Toochi, Linda Sedio, Experience of Music feat. The Outhere Brothers, Kyra Pharao and (of course) a real classic Eurodance-Set from the 1990s with Activate!, Clubhouse feat. Carl, Newton, Co.Ro., Jamie Price and many more!

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (215) - 14. October 2017
DISCO episode 215 with music from Odyssey, Egma, Megatronic, Nikita, Future Beat feat. Ian Carma, U 96, Maxx, Cardenia, Final Fantasy, DJ Paul Elstak, Jam & Spoon's Hands on Yello, Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark, Nakatomi and Legend B.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (214) - 07. October 2017
DISCO episode 214 contains the new La Bouche Single "Sweet Dreams 2017" and the Official DISCO Summer Hit of the Year 2017: Gyrlie - "I feel sun". Furthermore new music from Scooter: Shooting Stars! And of course many tracks from the 90s and 2000nds: Revil O. feat. Lara, N-Trance, Minimalistix, DJs@Work, Sylver, Maggie Reilly, David Bowie, B-One, Clock, Sash! feat. Rodriguez and Cappella.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (213) - 30. September 2017
DISCO episode 213 with music from the 4 Strings, DJ Quicksilver presents Base Unique, Sandra, Ravers on Dope, Yanou presents Do, E-Rotic, Mo-Do, Blue Heart, God's Groove, Scooter, Holly Johnson, Face II Face, Slam and the new single of Damae: Phoenix!

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (212) - 23. September 2017
6 years DISCO! 6 Jahre DISCO! Let's celebrate! Eurodance from the GTS Project, Tom Wilson, Chupito, Da Blitz, Apanachee, Herbert Grönemeyer, Lea Kiss, M.C.Sar & the Real McCoy, E-Rotic feat. Lyane Leigh, Zhi-Vago, PeCh, Ice MC, The Free and Pharao.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (211) - 16. September 2017
Music from Erasure, Da Hool, Lyane Leigh, the Bad Boys Blue, ATC, Grace, Pandora, Pompöös, Pro-Gress, Masterboy, the 2 Cowboys, Twenty 4 Seven, Whigfield and the 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor.

Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radioshow (210) - 09. September 2017
Dieses Mal die Neunziger PUR!!! Mit Amadeus & Funky Diamonds with Lila Pearl, Love 4 Sale, Taleesa im Doug Laurent Remix, E-Type, Dr. Alban, Odyssey, Ursa Major, Scooter im Datura Remix, Imperio, Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka, E-Rotic, Captain Hollywood Project im Felix J. Gauder Remix, D-Stressed, Cabballero und Mo-Do.