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Manuel Cerny's DISCO Radio Show

The DISCO is your number one Eurodance and Vocaltrance music radio show. I'll take you on a journey through all the Genres and Sub-Genres that make up Dance Music covering the last decades. For further details, check out my Podcast page or even better still: Tune in live every Saturday at 1:00 PM GMT! Don't forget to set a reminder in your diary so that you don't miss your favourite show!

Manuel Cerny und Aleksandra

Manuel Cerny

became famous in the nineties as a DJ through his extraordinary sets. Beside playing uncountable Hits and rare Tracks, he knew how to surprise his audience with his own productions. Since September 2011 Manuel is radio-active with his DISCO Radio Show.

DISCO is broadcasted every Saturday at 14 Uhr CE(S)T. Feel free to drop him a few lines on his Facebook Fanpage.

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What kind of music will be played in the DISCO?

Dance, Trance, Techno, Rave
It does not matter if it's old or new. Its main focus is on Eurodance und Vocaltrance. Every DISCO episode is creatively curated by Manuel Cerny himself. He is DJ, station-voice and producer all-in-one.

There are many good reasons for listening to the DISCO Radioshow:

What is Eurodance?

Eurodance consists of many melodic Vocals and you may find some Rap-performances, too. Even Reggae- or Raggamuffin-Toasts are possible. The music has got memorable chord patterns and lead sounds. The rhythm has got much bass. The hooklines are melodic and invite to sing along with. Although Eurodance is a purely commercial music genre which appeals to be played on most popular radio stations, it's also compatible for the use in Pubs, Night Clubs and similar locations. Eurodance is made for the wide mass and part of contemporary pop music.